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We offer you a unique premium-class mansion in the center of Moscow with a total area of 1,884,000 sq. m. Currently, the main function of the site is providing office space for rent. A new concept for the project development assumes redevelopment of the entire building for different needs and different target audience. For instance, an extremely popular and in-demand type of real estate are now apartments, the cost of buying which is much lower than the cost of buying residential property. At the same time, by acquiring a certain footage in the mansion, the client can arrange space for office and apartment accommodation, a showroom for demonstrating and selling his goods, or a co-working space – a place for business people and entrepreneurs to work and meet. The main idea of redevelopment is to divide the total area of the building into 6 lots of 170–400 sq. m, based on the existing layout, and implement it depending on demand, covering several target groups. In addition to the offer for the end user, the asset management company offers asset management services for passive investors who want to receive a stable income from the rental business at a rate of 12–15% per annum.
According to the statistics of DEGA Development for 2016–2017, business is showing increasing interest in small land plots ranging from 0.5 to 3–5 hectares (about 64% of the total number of requests). Commercial real estate of this format is classified as part of light industrial segment. Entrepreneurs in need of small areas, in more than half the cases (56%) are ready to buy them from developers. It is notable that 60% of inquiries come from Russian businesses, and 40% – from foreign businesses. In general, small land plots are used by entrepreneurs to organize production and storage facilities in the food industry (22%), light industry (13%), chemical industry (8%), metalworking (8%), etc. The target audience of real estate in this segment is small and medium-sized businesses.

Production and storage facilities, divided into individual blocks of small format (from 500 to 3,000 sq. m), are currently not in high demand. The reason for it is the lack of serious competition in the light industrial segment: large developers prefer not to work with objects of less than 20,000–30,000 sq. m, and there is practically no high-quality offer of premises of this format on the market.

For comparison, this segment has long been developed and is popular in Western Europe and the US, the regions where this market already has profile developers, whose shares are traded on global exchanges.

If you look at the statistics, in the countries with a developed commercial real estate market the share of light industrial objects is at least 60% of the total number, while in Russia it is about 25%. Most of them are concentrated in the Moscow Region. The figures speak for themselves: today in Russia there are about 4 million sq. m of high-quality light industrial warehouses, and in Germany there are already 220 million sq. m.

Meanwhile, DEGA Development sees great prospects for light industrial. The format is in a high demand among representatives of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia, which are substantially limited in financial resources. Light industrial segment allows to save money at the stage of project launch: it is due to the special configuration of the transaction that the optimization of construction costs, the supply of electrical networks and engineering communications take place. Relatively speaking, one complex of "industrial townhouses" envisages building one transformer substation, one boiler house, one treatment plant, one water intake unit and other facilities. Thus, costs are optimized not only during the construction phase, but also at the stage of operation of the facility, which directly affects both the rental rate and the price of the object when it is bought out. At the same time, an investor who invests in a rental business in the form of a finished object with a tenant can always sell this object either to leasing, or to the existing tenant at once.

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