Production and distribution centre for cosmetics COMPLETEDNoginsk, Moscow Region
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We are Cetes Cosmetics, the manufacturing arm of Oriflame, a global top 20 cosmetics company. We have 50 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, serving end consumers in more than 60 markets. We began in Sweden in 1967, with skin care as our chief focus. Today, we operate across four continents with a performance-focused portfolio spanning four cosmetic product categories- skin care, personal & hair care, colour and fragrance. Our head office is based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Our mother company, Oriflame, is listed on the Stockholm Stock exchange and has annual net sales of approximately 1.2 billion euros.
Oleg AkilbaevGeneral manager
We would like to point out the professional approach to development and management of DEGA-Noginsk industrial park and creation of significant investment opportunities for its residents.

Other Projects

Production of industrial pumps

Production of paints, varnishes and building protection

Production of window and door hardware

Production of automotive and railway systems

Production and distribution of formwork and scaffolding

Production of baby food

Production of water purifying systems

Assembly and Distribution of Power Tools

Production of dry mortar


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