Production of automotive and railway systems COMPLETEDNoginsk, Moscow Region
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As a comprehensive system supplier, the HÜBNER Group develops solutions for the transportation industry. Their products are used in rail vehicles and buses as well as in airport technology and the automobile industry. They are active in the fields of medical technology, life quality, terahertz technology and photonics as well as high frequency applications.
The product range includes the design and production of folding bellows, vehicle articulation systems, flexible gangway systems, window systems, molded foam components made of polyurethane (PUR), as well as a wide variety of products made of rubber and injection molded plastic.
The reliability and durability of HÜBNER products have been satisfying customers for more than 70 years.
Sergey AbramovGeneral Manager
Dega Group - is not more our presence and future, but the main and big part of the history of "HUBNER" company in Russia. We meet once "DEGA-Group" company and Mr. G. Gantner, which convinced and motivated us, helped us and made in general a lot for our history, our presence & future, knowing and understanding well our problems and our needs, keeping them like proper ones. Up to me this is only the way which brings to mutual success. Thank you.

Other Projects

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Production and distribution of formwork and scaffolding

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Assembly and Distribution of Power Tools

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