Production of paints, varnishes and building protection COMPLETEDNoginsk, Moscow Region
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Entrepreneurial courage and foresight made us what we are today: one of Europe's leading manufactuers of top-quality paints and varnishes, wood stains, plasters, sealing compounds, and renovation and building-protection products. Our quality products are known in more than 60 countries and provide support on a daily basis to the people that create, design and maintain public and private living spaces. These users value our international experience and our feel for innovative products. We stand out for our state-of-the-art production technology and our brand expertise across the full breadth of sales channels, which allows us to provide tailor-made services. Our trading partners' satisfaction is a source of constant reassurance and drives us to achieve even greater things.
Bystrov AlexeyGeneral manager
During the time of cooperation with DEGA Development team they proved their high professional qualification, responsible and targeted approach to partners’ requirements. Strict accomplishing of the agreements by DEGA Development was instrumental in achieving the terms of reference and in finding prompt and expert solutions for the problems of DEGA-Noginsk industrial park residents. We would like to emphasize the sufficient potential capacity of DEGA Development in providing a wide range of services, that would be delivered with a thorough and multidimensional expertise. We are inclined to recommend DEGA Development as a high-qualified and competent partner.

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