Production and distribution of formwork and scaffolding COMPLETEDNoginsk, Moscow Region
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PERI is a family-run business in the second generation. For nearly 50 years PERI has been active on the market and has always been a pioneer in formwork and scaffolding technology. What has made us so successful is that in everything we do, we always think first and foremost of the benefits for our customers. A cooperation based on partnership and trust is a fundamental value in our company, which therefore also forms the basis of our customer relationships. We endeavour to produce and deliver consistently high quality on a sustained basis. Therefore, we continually invest in modern production processes and inspection procedures to become even better. Already during product development phase, we subject the components to a wide range of tests in order to get the most out of them ready for the serial production. This includes, among other things, longevity tests in salt baths or torsion tests on the individual components. Thus, we ensure that PERI systems are suitable for tough everyday operations on the construction site as well as being considered reliable enough.
Roman BelovHead of Production Support and Organization
LLC "PERI" has successfully cooperated with the company DEGA through a management company "Noginsk-Technopark" for already several years. The company DEGA provides all the necessary utilities and road infrastructure.

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