Roto Frank

Production of window and door hardware COMPLETEDNoginsk, Moscow Region
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Windows and doors open up rooms and at the same time offer protection. The hardware – the interface between inside and outside – is only a means to an end for Roto. It is our goal to enhance the increased value of windows and doors for people. That's why we develop solutions that intelligently combine security, energy management and comfort with each other in the home. How would it be if windows opened and closed automatically, controlled the air conditioner and heater or reported attempted break-ins directly to an alarm control panel? Roto already provides you with the answers to these questions today. Our name stands for innovative, individual and secure complete solutions with a system in architectural hardware technology the world over. Developed by a team of designers and engineers who are among the world's best.
Alexander LantsovDirector of administration
Back in 2006 as ROTO FRANK was choosing land for the construction of its window and door hardware plant in Russia, our requirements were best met by DEGA. DEGA’s effort resulted in a modern, European-level industrial park near Noginsk in Moscow region, which ROTO FRANK is happy to be a part of. Our partnership with DEGA lasts for almost a dozen years, and we hope it will go from strength to strength in the future

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