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We offer you a unique premium-class sports complex located in a building with an area totaling 8,000 sq. m with an adjacent territory of more than 3 hectares managed by the most famous operators. Today the club provides its customers with an unprecedentedly wide range of services: a luxury swimming pool opening onto its own beach, a spacious gym, six group program studios, a children's club, a bath complex, a phyto bar, a solarium, a wellness club (beauty salon, spa programs, anti-age programs, comprehensive hair, face and body care programs), a restaurant, a cafe and other services. The project for further development of the club involves the creation of a multi-functional fitness center that includes, in addition to standard fitness programs, two football fields, a skating rink, interactive squash, a Ninja Warrior playground, a trampoline center, and a family entertainment center. One of the advantages of the project is its location in relation to the target audience — the club is situated in the north-east of Moscow, the area with a large number of residential and commercial real estate objects, focused on the consumer with income level above the average. In addition, it is in the business centers of the capital's northeastern part where the offices of companies, including foreign ones, are concentrated, which are real and potential consumers of corporate fitness services.

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