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We offer you a unique premium-class mansion in the center of Moscow with a total area of 1,884,000 sq. m. Currently, the main function of the site is providing office space for rent. A new concept for the project development assumes redevelopment of the entire building for different needs and different target audience. For instance, an extremely popular and in-demand type of real estate are now apartments, the cost of buying which is much lower than the cost of buying residential property. At the same time, by acquiring a certain footage in the mansion, the client can arrange space for office and apartment accommodation, a showroom for demonstrating and selling his goods, or a co-working space – a place for business people and entrepreneurs to work and meet. The main idea of redevelopment is to divide the total area of the building into 6 lots of 170–400 sq. m, based on the existing layout, and implement it depending on demand, covering several target groups. In addition to the offer for the end user, the asset management company offers asset management services for passive investors who want to receive a stable income from the rental business at a rate of 12–15% per annum.

Other Projects

Production of industrial pumps

Production and distribution centre for cosmetics

Production of paints, varnishes and building protection

Production of window and door hardware

Production of automotive and railway systems

Production and distribution of formwork and scaffolding

Production of baby food

Production of water purifying systems

Assembly and Distribution of Power Tools


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